Invest in Training to Drive Change

Invest in training to drive change includes the following approaches:
Leadership training
An inclusive culture

While leadership training and self-awareness opportunities, such as working with an external coach, were not given as high a priority in the survey as were many other approaches, they nevertheless can be effective when paired with other strategies.

An exploration of the results revealed that far too often organizations provide training programs in lieu of making real changes in how work is assigned and altering the culture to support inclusion.

Women expressed the desire for training opportunities be provided to both men and women, and training is directly linked to capabilities that are valued by the firm.

That said, a number of women have found leadership training by other women to be an extremely worthwhile resource. Valuable topics have included creating an executive presence, negotiation skills, and managing the demands of working while having a family.

Many individuals interviewed for the case studies think it makes the most sense to engage men and women together in training and development opportunities, such as in the program outlined in the Prologis case study.