APAC Research Credits

Research Team

Laura Sciuto, EY, Researcher and Author

Ellen Mendelsohn, ULI, Project Director

Jill Maguire, EY, Project Manager

Cheryl Nott, EY, Researcher

Joling Qiao, EY, Researcher

Isabel Xavier, EY, Researcher


ULI Project Staff

Pauline Oh, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific

May Chow, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Asia Pacific

James A. Mulligan, Senior Editor

David James Rose, Editor/Manager

Melanie Starkey, Vice President, Digital Communications


Digital Agency



Women’s Leadership Initiative

Wendy Rowden, WLI Global Chair

Serena Wolfe, WLI Research Committee Chair

Alison Cooke, WLI Asia Pacific


Recommended bibliographic listing:

EY, Advancing Women in Real Estate in Asia Pacific. Washington, D.C.: Urban Land Institute, 2017.

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